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Partner - Head of Construction

Mobile: +47 91 10 14 11

E-mail: oyvind@stratema.com

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«If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small»

– Richard Branson

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Founded Stratema in 2013

In 2013, Øyvind founded Stratema together with Dave Sandberg. But his M&A history extends further back in time, and the same goes for his history with Dave. They had worked together for quite some time as M&A advisors when they decided to set up Stratema. Øyvind has been CEO and CFO of several businesses, and even spent a short while as a journalist at the beginning of his professional career.

He holds a Master of Economics from the University of Oslo and with 12 years’ managerial experience from the construction industry and a further 13 years’ experience from the acquisition and divestment of businesses in that same industry, he is of course a construction sector specialist and the obvious head of our construction team. Øyvind is not only an enthusiastic colleague with a strong commercial nous. He is also a decidedly convivial person, who finds it easy to establish a rapport with people. He likes to get on his bike in his spare time. Unless he puts on his skis, that is.