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Morten Rye


Mobile: +47 91 86 41 45

E-mail: morten@stratema.com

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Part of Stratema since 2013

After earning an MSc in Economics and Administration from the School of Business and Economics at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Morten has accumulated extensive and varied M&A experience from several industries. In recent years, however, he has focused on the construction industry, where he is Stratema’s specialist on renovation businesses and plant & equipment hire businesses, among others. He has evolved from being a very sharp analyst (which of course he still is!) to being responsible for project execution and the identification of new opportunities and potential engagements. Morten likes to embark on complex challenges, with multiple businesses involved. He is very grounded and highly focused on finding solutions that feel right to all parties. He finds his energy and inspiration on his daily cycling trips to and from the office. And when not working he is rather partial to putting a well-hung piece of meat on the grill.