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Partner - Head of Technology

Mobile: +47 92 84 92 84

E-mail: dave@stratema.com

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«The best way to predict the future is to create it»

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Founded Stratema in 2013

Dave is probably the person at Stratema with the longest M&A track record. Back in 2001, he was one of the founders of a M&A boutique, and just over a decade later he founded Stratema with Øyvind. Their idea was to take a slightly different approach to M&A, which focused more on the people behind the business, their drivers and their business philosophy, in order to ensure an ideal fit between buyer and seller.

Dave has specialised in technology projects – the more complex, the more interesting is his credo – and he is also head of the Stratema technology team. He travels frequently between our Oslo and Stockholm offices and relishes the important role of acting as the social and cultural glue that binds the teams together. When not working he likes to travel to destinations that offer gourmet cuisine and fine wines.