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Lars Stenvold


Mobile: +47 93 69 38 67

E-mail: lars@stratema.com

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«Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel»

– Napoleon Hill

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Part of Stratema since 2014

What does it tell you about someone that he chooses to live in Røros, almost 400 kilometres from Oslo and even further from Stockholm, while nonetheless working in both of those cities? Probably that he loves both where he comes from and his job. And that the two can in fact be combined. At least if you work at Stratema. Lars has earned a Master of Investment Management from Cass Business School in London. He has specialised in technology businesses that provide software, consultancy services, cloud services, computer security and infrastructure. Lars’ strengths undoubtedly include his incredible stamina and his ability to focus on getting the transaction across the line, irrespective of how long it takes or how exhausted everyone is. And his knack for improvising solutions on the hoof is legendary. His social talent and his ability to create an amicable atmosphere in any setting are clearly valuable assets in that regard. Besides, he is something of a linguistic chameleon, who swaps seamlessly between Swedish, English and his Røros dialect (which is even incomprehensible to people from Oslo). And Lars would of course not have been  Røros born and bred if he did not love the classic Norwegian fish delicacy rakfisk. (If the concept of rakfisk was explained to a Swede, he might compare it to the equally traditional Swedish surströmming. A Norwegian would frown at that comparison.)