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Senior Analyst

Mobile: +47 91 59 18 32

E-mail: fw@stratema.com

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«I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have»

– Thomas Jefferson

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Part of Stratema since 2020

Fredrik was hired by Stratema pretty much straight after completing his MSc with specialisation in Investment Banking at Grenoble Ecole de Management. He is in fact the first employee we have recruited directly upon graduation. But there was quite simply no room for doubt with Fredrik. And he did in fact establish contact with Stratema at a student event at NTNU Business School several years before finishing his studies. In his student years he kept in touch with Lars on a regular basis and discussed course options and other issues, so it is perhaps no great surprise that he applied for a job with Stratema. Fredrik does of course take a keen interest in his chosen field, and he has gained a comprehensive theoretical background. Fredrik has already accumulated considerable valuation and company analysis experience, and is responsible for preparing several of the annual reports we distribute to our existing clients. He is enthusiastic and has a fabulous work ethic. He is passionate about football and music, and is happiest by the seaside. Besides, he is a skilled guitarist and a fluent speaker of German. But he may not necessarily do both at the same time.