Your M&A Specialist in the Technology Industry

Technology is one of the most dynamic industries, encompassing a broad range of businesses, from sophisticated and patented niche software technology to specialized and standardized operational and infrastructure services.

With substantial experience and notable proficiency in acquiring and divesting technology companies, we leverage a robust network comprising Nordic and international financial and industrial buyers.

Our success is truly reflected in the success of our clients. In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, our commitment is centered around creating significant strategic value while supporting our clients in achieving their long-term business goals.

Nordic Tech M&A Outlook Quarterly Report
  • "Braathe has through its long-standing and constructive collaboration with Stratema completed a number of acquisitions, all of which have been successful and well-organised from the perspective of both buyers and sellers. Braathe has also been left with a positive impression after acquisitions in which Stratema has represented the seller. Stratema has made key professional contributions to the realisation of high growth through equity-funded acquisitions – with a most satisfying effect on the company’s valuation."

    Tron BraatheAdm. direktør - Braathe
  • "Stratema is one of our most valued buy-side financial advisors. The Stratema tech team was an integral help in understanding the Nordic IT-services market. With an always accurate target screening they positioned Cloudflight in front of the top candidates in M&A processes. The combination of sector expertise and M&A knowledge is unique and we can highly recommend to work with the team."

    Markus HelmleHead of M&A - Cloudflight
  • "When the need for a partner to help us take the next step and unlock our full potential emerged, chose Stratema. They brought a pragmatic and tailored approach to the M&A process, with unique insights and experience in the SaaS market. Throughout the entire process we felt supported, with Stratema serving as a crucial catalyst in finding a partner that covered all our needs. We are thrilled about the result and the and we extend our gratitude to Stratema for their collaboration."

    Mats Danielsen CEO - Liquid Barcodes
  • "When the market showed significant interest in Intershare, we engaged Stratema as our adviser. Stratema conducted thorough groundwork and prepared a comprehensive prospectus that garnered excellent responses from relevant buyers. Despite challenging conditions in the tech market, Stratema successfully negotiated a deal with a new owner that aligns well with Intershare's profile and visions. The negotiated agreement exceeded our price expectations, and we are very pleased with the achieved outcome."

    Roy StøylenTidligere styreleder og gründer i Intershare AS
  • "With Stratema as a partner, Vitec has for a long time successfully developed and professionalized our acquisition process, something that is also appreciated by the target companies."

    Olle BackmanCEO - Vitec Software Group
  • "Nextron has found Stratema to be highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and we are most satisfied with the advice and with the execution of our divestment process."

    Geir ElstaCEO - Nextron AS

Selected Transactions

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Selected Transactions

Nytt Foretak sold to Hawk Infinity

20.06.24 | 


MyKid sold to Hawk Infinity

12.06.24 | 


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Industry Subsectors

    Support Service

    The shift from data storage and presentation to data analysis and use for purposes of streamlining the execution of daily duties has resulted in the exciting emergence of consultancy firms that ease the day-to-day existence of their customers through analyses, robotisation and digitalisation of work processes.

    The specialisation in the various consultancy niches has led to the emergence of specialists focusing on narrow niches or targeting small verticals in order to differentiate their services from those of the major consultancy firms.

    SaaS & Software

    A continually increasing proportion of Nordic companies have in recent years embarked on wide-ranging servicification of their own product range to shift their revenue structure in the direction of «as-a-Service».

    Nordic software providers often have a most exciting technological approach, since they tend to offer their customers a highly scalable and all-encompassing service. The key to success for such providers often lies in finding the right partner to help them scale up their product sales.

    IT & Cloud Services

    The digitalisation of society has accelerated in recent years, and ever more of our infrastructure has been relocated to the «Cloud». This opens up exciting new product opportunities that are highly scalable.

    The IT & cloud services market has undergone strong consolidation and the gap between revenues and service ranges is growing. Moving forward, the key to success will largely be in increasing the proportion of customer revenues through new services.

    Security & Infrastructure

    The increased digitalisation of society in general, as well as the expanding migration of services that are provided via partners, is accompanied by mounting complexity and risk that systems may encounter security challenges in their physical or digital infrastructure.

    Security has become a significantly more attractive property in the wake of a recent series of highly publicised security breaches, which highlight the importance of robust systems and training in reducing risk. Stratema has assisted a number of companies that are specialising on this with finding the right partners for further growth.

    E-commerce & Digital Solutions

    The growth of the internet and the use of mobile phones continue to be a significant part of our everyday lives. We buy and sell online, and there is an increasing demand for digital solutions and tools to enhance business processes and performance in the digital sphere.

    The path from idea, via strategy and implementation, to sales is now to quite some extent a matter of joint plans and the ability to get the message across to end users. This means that systems and business architecture are intricately linked to digital communications strategies and sales coverage. The incubation period from idea to product can often be remarkably short if approached in the right way.

    Communications and strategy are increasingly being integrated in daily operations, thereby becoming key tools for attaining the optimal market position and communicating the essence of the company/product to end users. This imposes more stringent demands on the players seeking to assist companies in attaining a clear position as the preferred provider.