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Stratema provides strategic advice upon the acquisition and divestment of businesses. We specialize in the construction & infrastructure and technology sectors, where our teams possess extensive experience and specialized expertise.

Operating from our offices in Stockholm and Oslo, we extend our services across borders to serve Nordic and international clients. Our clientele encompasses small and medium-sized enterprises, ranging from family businesses and entrepreneurs to publicly traded companies and private equity investors.

We specialize in facilitating transactions on both the seller and buyer sides. Our approach is centered around creating significant strategic value while supporting our clients in achieving their ambitions and long-term business goals.

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Great Deals


Industry M&A experts



A Great Deal

We consider every transaction and the individuals involved as unique, possessing their own distinctive qualities. Our approach is personalized and comprehensive, with a strong emphasis on ensuring compatibility and an optimal fit between the seller and buyer.

Leveraging precise company analysis, extensive experience and profound expertise, we act as corporate matchmakers for businesses ready for the next phase and sharing a vision for their future. Our services generate opportunities that establish the groundwork for future success for all parties involved.

For us, this represents A Great Deal.

Our Core Values

    Trust and Integrity

    At Stratema, trust is not just a value; it is the foundation of everything we do. Each piece of advice, every transaction, and every interaction we are a part of is conducted with integrity and in accordance with our high ethical standards and good business practices.

    We take the time to get to know our clients and their long-term ambitions. This creates trust and mutual understanding. It enables us to provide clients with tailored
    strategic advice and a fresh perspective, not only for a specific transaction but for the longer term.


    Empathy lies at the heart of who we are. It’s not just a value; it’s our guiding principle. We never forget that behind every business and enterprise, there are people affected by our actions. We always operate based on the given conditions to find the best solutions that are sustainable and enable all parties involved to attain A Great Deal.


    Innovation is our driving force. We thrive on exploring new ideas, pushing boundaries, and finding inventive solutions. By fostering a culture where collaboration and innovation are cultivated, we consistently stay at the forefront of industry trends and new technology. It’s about being adaptable, flexible, and solution-oriented.

    Being innovative is not just a goal; it’s ingrained in our DNA, propelling us to transform challenges into opportunities and redefine success in a rapidly changing world.

Sustainability - An essential part of our everyday life

Long-term profitability is premised on sustainability – and sustainability starts with looking after people and their environment.

Stratema is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and focus on the following goals in our day-to-day business:

We ensure employees of all genders have equal responsibilities and opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making in our firm. We foster a team-based performance culture with a caring and inclusive work environment without discrimination.

We believe gender equality is important not only for the success of our business, but also because it is linked to the world’s overall economic performance. It enhances the ability to attract talent and retain employees.

We provide a safe, caring and inclusive working environment for our employees. Being certified for the second consecutive year as a Great Place to Work is clear evidence of Stratema’s commitment to an excellent working environment.

Stratema supports entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and growth in small and medium-sized enterprises by assisting them on strategic advice and transactions that prime them for the future.

Stratema is contributing to a sustainable future for our clients by facilitating access to credit and other financial services, as well as value chain integration and expanded market access. Through our M&A activities focused on finding the perfect match, we are paving the way for sustainable growth, knowledge building and innovation.

The mergers and acquisitions we facilitate elevate industry standards, fostering a virtuous circle of sustained innovation, development, and growth, ultimately benefiting all of us.


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