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What we do

We consider every transaction and the people involved to be unique, with their own distinctive qualities. Our mission is to find the right combination of buyers and sellers, and we aim for all parties to feel that they have made a good deal.

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On paper, a corporate transaction may often seem fairly straightforward. Merge A and B, and you get C. And maybe even D and E. Ultimately, it is more complex than that. This is because any divestment, acquisition or merging of businesses entails a combination of different cultures and approaches. The agreement that seemed so brilliant on paper will all too often turn out to be a major disappointment to all parties.

However, it is perfectly feasible to bring about transactions in which all parties are satisfied, by adopting a slightly different perspective:

Stratema’s five steps to better transactions

  1. Instead of finding as many interested parties as possible, we seek out the businesses which are best suited for the transaction, and which respect that different corporate cultures vary in their compatibility with each other.
  2. Instead of considering businesses to be impersonal entities, we regard them as groups of unique individuals with their own goals, desires and cultures.
  3. Instead of considering the highest bid in an auction to be the solution to all transactions, we take the time to find the businesses that stand to gain the most from the transaction (which may often give a higher price than an auction, because buyers and sellers speak the same language).
  4. Instead of rewarding internal competition and handing out personal bonuses, we place a higher value on team success – which is not only better for business, but also a more enjoyable way of working together.
  5. Instead of adopting a short-term view and taking the closing of each transaction to be the final step, we consider it the beginning of a long-term relationship.