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What we do

We consider every transaction and the people involved to be unique, with their own distinctive qualities. Our mission is to find the right combination of buyers and sellers, and we aim for all parties to feel that they have made a good deal.

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We use precise company analysis, extensive experience and in-depth expertise to act as corporate matchmakers for businesses that appreciate the strategic value of a transaction, and that have a shared vision for their future. We aim for all parties to make A Great Deal.

The Stratema approach

  1. We seek out the businesses that are the best match for each other.
  2. We consider businesses to be arenas of unique individuals with their own goals, desires and cultures.
  3. We take the time to find the businesses that stand the transaction, thereby maximising value.
  4. We value teamwork and share the fruits of joint success – which is not only better for business, but also a more enjoyable way of working together.
  5. We consider the closing of each transaction to be an opportunity for long-term business cooperation.


In Stratema, our business strategy is discussed with all employees and decided jointly. Which is quite unusual in the financial industry. At Stratema, it is an important part of our DNA. «Great Place To Work» is a nice confirmation that we work in the right way.

Dave Sandberg, Partner

Sustainability is what we are all about

Long-term profitability is premised on sustainability – and sustainability starts with looking after people and their environment. Stratema is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and focus on the following goals in our day-to-day business:

8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
Stratema provides a safe and secure working environment for our employees. Stratema supports entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and growth in small and medium-sized enterprises by assisting them on transactions that prime them for the future.

9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Stratema provides small and medium-sized enterprises with access to credit and other financial services, as well as value chain integration and expanded market access, by helping them fund transactions that hook them up with other suppliers and new customers.