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Magnus Leivestad


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Part of Stratema since 2021

Lacrosse is one of Magnus’ greatest interests outside his work, and he has represented Scotland at an international level and now plays at the Norwegian national team. Like other team sports, it is about pulling for the team, analysing the situation, drawing conclusions and acting on these. A bit like his work for Stratema. The notable difference is that Magnus will as a team player and analyst at Stratema – in most cases – have considerably more time for reflection than during a lightning-speed lacrosse game. The reason why he has represented Scotland is that he studied for an MSc in Quantitative Finance at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow, where he graduated in 2018. Before that, he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the same university. He is a proficient user of various ETL and data analysis visualisation tools, and also has several years of ERP systems experience. At Stratema, he is responsible for our transaction database, and is focusing on technology, media and telecoms. He is always keen to learn more and has the ability to swiftly identify what efficiency and other improvements our clients can make.