19.06.23 | Interview

― When you join Stratema, you hit the ground running. You’re part of the team from day one.

Rasmus Åsenlund

After only six weeks as a Stratema Senior Associate, Rasmus is already up to speed and the Tech team has already put his extensive experience to good use.


“My initial meeting with Mattias Borg and Dave Sandberg left me with a great first impression of Stratema. Over my eight years in the financial industry, I have worked in both large and small companies, and I have to say that I prefer companies the size of Stratema. It’s much easier to collaborate on a smaller team. I haven’t been here that long yet, but I already feel part of the Stratema family. There are only six of us in the Stockholm office, with half of us making up the Tech team. We are a close-knit team, and we also work in tandem with the Oslo office.

As a Senior Associate, I’m in charge of the entire client management process on a transaction. This spans the range from identifying the right companies, structuring the transaction and producing documentation. My financial industry experience and accumulated network means that relationship building is a major focus on my part – with both buyers and sellers. I enjoy pitching and finding new transactions, and I love to meet new people. I’m excited about continuing my professional development at Stratema!

Before joining Stratema, I worked in equity trading, corporate finance, financial analysis and private equity investment, with a focus on the technology industry. I developed a strong interest in corporate investment already in my teenage years, and it was therefore a natural progression for me to study finance. I studied at Örebro University, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in both Business Administration and Economics. I chose Örebro because Statistics Sweden is located there, which means that the university is recognised for its excellence in Economics.

I am originally from Sandviken in Mid Sweden. We have a cabin there, which we often visit. I really enjoy being out in nature with our dog, and I run a lot. Last summer I ran the Stockholm Half Marathon, and next summer it will be the Idre Mountain Marathon. In winter I like to ski. My favourite downhill resort is Åre, but I also do a lot of cross-country skiing. My partner did the Vasaloppet cross-country race this year, and I have promised her to do Vasaloppet 30 next year. I also read a great many books, and I typically get through about one book a week. Right now I’m reading The Lord of the Rings – for the third time, I think.”

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