15.06.22 | Interview

― The key to success is the ability to combine theoretical and social aspects

When Ulrik is not riding the sunny waves along his beloved coast of Southern Norway, you will find him busily crunching numbers and developing financial models in the office. He is equally at ease in both settings.        


«An advantage of working in a smaller firm like Stratema is that I get to take part in acquisition and divestment processes from start to finish. This includes attending meetings and helping to draft and present all materials to be used in presentations and in financial models. In these meetings I get to see my materials in action, and I get clear feedback on all of my input. This means that I will know exactly what is needed for the next round. As a Stratema Associate, I’m quite simply a jack of all trades, who will cover a lot of different ground over the course of my working week.  

A number of my acquaintances work for larger firms, and it is my impression that they are often left to perform their duties on their own, while I’m a lot more integrated into the firm’s processes. And that is hardly surprising, in my thinking. A smaller firm needs to use its people more cleverly and flexibly. Stratema’s open structure means that everyone gets to try their hand at many different tasks, and are much more closely involved than in a top-heavier organisation. 

At Stratema, we are industry specialists, with a focus on construction and technology. This often gives us an edge over our competitors, which tend to be generalists. We can talk to our clients in a fundamentally different way than our competitors, while earning their respect by showing them that we genuinely understand their needs and speak their language. 

My job requires me to examine the numbers and other facts in considerable detail, while at the same time getting along with different kinds of people and presenting our materials in a straightforward and readily understandable manner. This ability to combine theoretical and social aspects is the key to success in my job. After all, we are corporate matchmakers, and ensuring a social match is no less important than securing a professional match. We also enjoy each other’s company outside work, and take great pleasure in celebrating our successes – whether by going for a drink after office hours or indulging in fine dining. We are all on the same side here. We discuss everything and anything freely in our open-plan office, although we work in teams. We talk openly and give each other feedback and suggestions. I learn a tremendous amount from this.» 

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