15.06.22 | Interview

― At Stratema, you get exciting challenges from day one

Edvard relishes a real challenge and has a seemingly inexhaustive capacity for work. This may well reflect the immense energy reserves he accumulates on the running track, along the ski trail and on his bike 


«I joined as an Associate in January 2022. Quite recently, in other words, but I’ve already been entrusted with many different duties and responsibilities, in relation to both due diligence processes and corporate analyses. I’m genuinely pleased that my working day is so varied, and at Stratema you are not left with only the duties that those further up the pecking order don’t want to take on. Your title is immaterial. You get to try your hand at exciting challenges from day one – irrespective of your role. You thus get a lot of responsibility, and I find that really energising. 

I have transactions experience from my former employer, and I had heard industry people speak very favourably of Stratema. When they knocked on the door and invited me for a chat, I therefore didn’t need to be asked twice. I now work closely with seasoned technology and construction specialists. I have already learned a tremendous amount from them, and feel that I’m developing every single day. At Stratema, I get to take part in the full transaction cycle – from idea to closing. I find that enriching and empowering. 

I also enjoy the ecosystem that Stratema operates in. We are neither involved in the smallest transactions, nor in the largest ones. This makes for a much closer relationship with our clients, and there are often a lot of feelings involved in the transactions we are helping them with. It may for example be that founders are going to sell the apple of their eye, to which they have devoted much of their lives. This means that there is a lot more than money at stake. This makes my job particularly exciting, since I get to meet a lot of inspiring people who need help to realise their plans. I find it a great privilege to help founders see their dreams come to fruition. 

At Stratema, I also get to contribute to our strategy processes. We hold weekly meetings, as well as an annual strategy workshop, where I’m invited to indicate what transaction types I would like to be involved in. We are also a tightly knit team, with a low threshold for asking the advice of others – or simply having a pleasant chat. We also meet up outside work on a regular basis, which reinforces our team spirit and ensures that we all pull in the same direction when it really matters.»

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